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We are a team of accredited counselling psychotherapists who offer professional therapy, committed to exploring and relieving why you feel the way do, to facilitate the steps for positive changes. Counselling is a life changing decision, which will help you re-discover your peace of mind and enjoyment of life again. In therapy, we will gently explore the reasons you may feel low, anxious, over-whelmed, stuck or simply just not coping with the stressors of life. We offer experience, best practice, and ethical standards. Fees, sessions, and a therapeutic plan is discussed before we meet, so that you are assured of our commitment, in providing a transparent and professional service. Contact us if you are ready to start your journey to positive change.

In a few months, a lifetime of pain can be permanently relieved.



How can a person look forward if they are emotionally tied to the past.

Sad boy. Depressed teenager at home. Problems at family


Domestic Violence, Harassment, Narcissism, Stalking, Clerical, Cultic, Rape, Sexual, Spiritual, Toxic Relationships.

Abuse takes place when one person causes misery and distress to another, controlling them by fear, for personal gain.  The abuser is normally in a position of authority, manipulative, physically stronger, or more mature in age. Stalking is a continuous act of relentless presence and intimidation, causing distress to the victim, their children, and family. Cultic and Spiritual abuse takes place within a church or sect and involves coercive control.

In all areas, abusers are psychologically unable to empathise so will persist in their behaviour, until either caught or when the victim can fight back or leave the situation, resulting in psychological scars. Healing takes place when the fear is explored, lessened and empowerment is found.


Emotions & Loss

Anxiety Bereavement, Depression, O.C.D.,  Phobias, Trauma, Suicide.

Our current feelings are  impacted by current and past emotional experiences, sometimes as far back as childhood.  This also triggers automatic reactions in how we relate to others, in normal or complex situations, and forms our character and feelings of worth.  

Our emotional past experiences are stored, and wait for current events to  release a build up of feelings, which we may not be aware of. When feeling powerless or trapped about situations in life,  its because subconsciously we are being fuelled by emotions of past events, causing low moods or anxiety.

Exploring the past unlocks buried hurts and enables the journey forward to be clear and trouble free.

Relationships & Esteem

Family, Loving, Self, Separation, Divorce, Step children/parent, Confidence, Self Awareness, Self Worth

Relationships are ideally an equal and mutual exchange of communication, affection, character expression, and regard and acceptance of each other’s uniqueness.

Self Esteem ranges between low to high, and is developed from birth by the experience of life. Life experiences determines the level you feel now. Ideally you will feel valued, worthwhile, accepted and equal amongst those around you.

Relationships can become difficult when there is an awareness of difference or criticism, and a feeling of judgement or control. People you do life with should enrich and add value to it, not drain and limit your expression of self.


E.A.P., Harassment, Public Speaking Nerves, Redundancy, Stress, Unfair treatment,  Work Life Balance.

As we spend approximately 50% of our waking hours in work its important to address any area that negatively impacts your personal life.

Relationships in work can be as damaging as relationships in personal life, if they are causing distress, or diminishing your self confidence and ability to work as well as normal.

Enjoyment of life, and every day basic functioning can be negatively impacted also, by the demands of your job, the environment you work in, or a person whom you work with.  Exploring the cause for this and how to change your emotional and practical approach, can effectively bring empowerment and your “old self back”.

Who We Are

Who We Are


Expertise: Abuse, Anxiety, Bullying, Depression, Domestic Violence, Self-Worth, Stalking, Relationships, Toxic Relationships, Trauma.

Past events, experiences, and relationships moulds our character, and feeds our emotional reaction to almost everything we do, feel, and experience. Sometimes we are aware of what that is, but often it’s deeply hidden in the abyss of our sub conscious.  Through my experience of practice, I will help you to identify why you feel sad, anxious, low esteemed, or overwhelmed whilst exploring your self-awareness. We then build upon your personal strengths and skills to overcome unhelpful, negative patterns of relating. With my style of therapy it’s possible to transform your life to one of contentment, and ease, unlimiting your potential, and enjoyment of life.  I offer transparency, genuineness and a guarantee for change. Private Healthcare Registered, One to One. Areas: All over Northern Ireland

B.A.C.P. Accredited Counsellor
Counselling Directory
Over 12 years and approx.13,400 hours of supervised clinical practice
QUB & NUIG: Dip & Advanced Dip
Access NI Enhanced Clearance certificate
ASIST Suicide Prevention
Vulnerable Adults & Child Protection

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Expertise: Anxiety, Bereavement, Depression, Men’s Related Issues, Relationship issues, Self-Harm, Trauma, Work Related Stress including conflict in the workplace.

I often think if we had a physical health condition we would be more than happy to reach out for help. Why should that be any different for a mental health condition? We need to remind ourselves that it is OK to ask for help in all circumstances.

In the past twelve years of clinical practice, I have worked with a wide range of client issues and built up a wealth of experience in many areas.

I carry out an initial consultation to explore what is going on for you and to see if I feel I am the right fit for you. I adapt my approach to your specific needs. I am a registered provider for a range of Insurance Companies including BUPA, Axa and Aviva amongst others. I offer One to One sessions delivered by Skype/Zoom as well as Telephone Counselling. Fee: £40 per 50 minute session.

BACP Accredited Counsellor
Counselling Directory
12 years and 9,000 + hours of clinically supervised practice
Access NI Enhanced Clearance
Trained in SafeTALK (suicide awareness)
ASIST Certificate (suicide prevention)
Vulnerable Adults & Child Protection
Mental Health First Aid trained
Experienced group work facilitator

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We each practice humanistic, integrative counselling, integrating C.B.T., Psychodynamic, Solution Focused and Person Centred methodology, and are competent to work at primary care level 1, 2,and 3.


Our work is within the B.A.C.P.  Code of Ethics, ensuring best practice, and maintain monthly clinical supervision and continuing professional development.


No one will know you are in counselling, unless you tell them. We are Data Protection trained, regarding case note security and safe keeping.


Depending on issues presented, sessions are typically six, and is agreed during the first session. Appointments are arranged weekly, and fees are £45 for a 50 minute session and are paid in advance on the day of therapy.



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